Sebastian Velazquez aka Cbass , a native of Caracas , Venezuela . From an early age he was attracted by the music when he began playing guitar at age 12 . A few years later, he attended his first rave party where I first saw perform live to a DJ is then that decides to learn to mastering the techniques of mixing. Start making your home mixtures using two cassette players imitating what he saw. Years later he was presented the opportunity to experiment with professional  CDJ turntables and became eternally trapped by the turn of the music.

His musical influences are varied, from artists such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Soda Stereo , The Beatles , La Bamba and a full range of Latin rhythms that dominate in south America; salsa, merengue and reggaeton . These influences are added the rhythms and sounds acquired in his travels through different continents. C -Bass particular style and passion for dance music focusing on the House, Deep House, Techno and sharing his playlists on different platforms on countries such as: Venezuela , Mexico , USA, Spain , Holland and Belgium .

Now living in Mexico City, he can be heard at parties earn his way to residency at the ” Paty Like a Blockstar ” in the popular nightclub BLOCK . In turn, works on his side project as a songwriter named BASTIAN with which merges the romantic ballad , reggae and electronic music .


Sebastián Velázquez a.k.a C­Bass, es oriundo de la ciudad de Caracas, Venezuela. Desde temprana edad sintió atracción por la música cuando empezó a tocar guitarra a los 12 años. Pocos anos después, asistió a su primera fiesta electrónica donde por primera vez vio tocar en vivo a un dj , es entonces que decide aprender a masterizar las técnicas de la mezcla. Empieza a hacer sus mezclas en casa utilizando dos reproductores de cassette imitando lo que veía. Años mas tarde se le presento la oportunidad de experimentar con equipos profesionales de tornamesas y cdjs quedando eternamente atrapado por el girar de los platos.

Su influencia musical es muy variada, desde artistas como Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Soda Stereo, The Beatles, La Bamba y toda la gama de ritmos latinos que predominan en su país; la salsa, el merengue y el reggaetón. A estas influencias se le suman los ritmos y sonidos adquiridos en sus viajes por los diferentes continentes del mundo. C-Bass concreta su estilo y pasión por la música dance enfocándose en el House, Deep House, y el Techno, compartiendo sus playlists en diferentes tarimas en países como Venezuela, México, Estados Unidos, España, Holanda y Bélgica.

Ahora reside en la ciudad de México donde se le puede escuchar recurrentemente en las fiestas “Paty Like a Blockstar” en la conocida discoteca BLOCK. A su vez, trabaja en su proyecto alterno como cantautor llamado BASTIAN con el cual fusiona la balada romántica, el reggae y la música electrónica.

Meet Gretsenia Martins From Caracas, Venezuela


Djane Venezolana – CREW Avenir Musique
Warrior of Light

Djane Gretsenia Martins
New Venezuelan talent, graduate school Contol Pitch.
She started her career as Djane at the tender age of 23. She is very passionate about the connection of music with the human spirit. Its Very clear that music for Gretsenia is  is more than just a Hobie. She displays 3 musical tattoos master arts on her harms.  Her persona shapes the vibe that send a very clear message “Music is my Life and I am willing to bled the dream”

Musical Influences:

HIP-HOP, REGGAE, HOUSE, TECH HOUSE, DANCE MUSIC, HARD TECHNO, ACID TECHNO, ROCK … Enjoy her new beginning with the delicious Tech House mix tape showcasing the sound of the underground of Caracas, Venezuela.

Meet Alfredo Mena From Caracas Venezuela

Alfredo Mena Profile Page ImageAlfredo Mena was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  At the age of fifteen he began his career as a Disk Jockey in one of the most prestigious mobile discoteks from the 90’s  called “The New York People” where he gained popularity by blending sharp mixes with three MK2 turntables at the same time.  This solid foundation on live remixing quickly lead him to be known as one of the best DJ’s from miniteca-1Venezuela.

Later he becoming a resident on one of the  hottest party radio station of  Venezuela Hot 94 on the show “De Rumba 94” where Mena was able to show to masses his true infatuation with sound combining deep Latin grooves with classic melodies riffs from the 90’s
that would hook the dance floor for decades.

Naturally he evolved into his musical journey by becoming a producer,  falling deeper in love with the creation of his unique sound. Mena got the attention of major  respected European Techno & Deep House labels.



Alfredo Mena EP Discography (Click the album to listen)

His versatile productions have landed him major headlining shows Miami’s infamous Winter Music Conference at Space with Venezuelan  Space resident Lazardi  for the release of the track Veneno.

During he career he was been able to share decks with the greatest DJ’s from electronic scene around the world sush as: Tiesto, Mauro Picotto, DubFire, Armand Peña , Carlo Lio, Davide Squillace, Peter Bailey, Rob Mirage, Lazardi from NYC and many more.

Alfredo Mena Live

Past  Events Highlight:

Live opening Set for Tiesto in Venezuela

Live opening Set for Dub Fire in Venezuela

Meet DJane Neekola From Washington DC

Born in New York and educated in Virginia, Neekola currently resides in Washington DC where she works as a full time international DJ. Inspired by her parents’ musical talents, Neekola has been involved in music since childhood. The early years were spent in rock bands as a lead singer, keyboard player, and songwriter. While residing in Germany for a time, Neekola was introduced to her soulmate, electronic dance music.

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Neekola spent so much of her time dancing in the nightclubs within Europe, enveloped in the amazing beats and new sounds she was experiencing. It was during this time she was inspired to pursue music production. After having a bit of trouble, she was advised by her mentors in the industry that she should first learn to DJ, and then her production skills would come naturally soon after. So she headed on out to NYC’s Scratch Academy, learned the basic skills, acquired her own turntable setup, and set out to make her dreams a reality.

“DJing has given me the ability to share my passion with people all over the world, whether we speak the same language or not, and it has helped me to inspire others as music has inspired me throughout my life.”

Neekola is not only one of Washington DC’s most recognizable names in the event industry, but she is now capturing the attention of audiences by performing worldwide in Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, and Peru. In the United States, she has played all over the East Coast to include Miami for the Winter Music Conference, New York City, Virginia Beach and Baltimore, Maryland. She has performed alongside some of her favorite artists such as Robbie Riviera, BT, Quivver, Menno De Jong, Serge Devant, DJ Rap and Steve Smooth just to name a few. She also works hard to give back to the community and donates a lot of her own time to help raise funds and awareness for charity, and is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

“Music is such a powerful tool. The best way to use this power is to promote good messages, such as having fun, dancing, and positive attitude with the best beats and lyrics I can find as well as create myself. This positivity, enthusiasm, and good spirit comes from within and is recognized by those on the dance floor, and in turn I am rewarded by happy faces, pumping fists and dancing feet.”

Neekola released her first album, “Playtime”, in January of 2011, dedicated to all of the people in her life that have inspired and helped her become the person and the artist she is today. Her music reflects a truly playful spirit, a very obvious choice when you meet her in person. You can’t help but smile and be inspired. Neekola’s passion and love for music and the arts reflects in everything she does and pursues.

Most recently, Neekola has taken to the fashion events industry, DJing for big names such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Tiffany & Co. Encouraging people to express themselves and show the world who they really are has always been a goal and passion of Neekola’s, being an artist herself. Listening to her music not only showcases her talent but also her heart.

Meet DJ Boris Gluck From Washington DC

Growing up in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Boris was first influenced by New Wave music, including Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Tears for Fears, Eurhythmics, and Culture Club. It was this blend of lyrics, lush layers of synth, and rapid beats that brought Boris to his true passion – Djing.

His first foray into the field was a casual attempt at mixing at a friend’s party, soon followed by the inevitable purchase of records and many hours spent learning the art of mixing with the help of a friend. After countless house party gigs and sleepless nights of practice,Boris landed his first real show at DCs infamous 5th Column in 1996. Boris was quickly embraced by the district’s club scene as a talented house DJ and was soon playing regularly, both in DC and abroad. After playing raves in Bolivia for several months, Boris was quickly recruited by DC house mecca Five to be their resident DJ. Gigs soon followed at DC’s hottest clubs, including GLOW, Eye Bar, Dragonfly, Mate, Penthouse, FUR, Josephine, Lima, Spank, Current, Donovan House, Dirty Bar and many more.

2012 was off with a bang for Boris, with bookings from NYC, MIA, DC to South America and having already spun with the likes of Paolo Mojo, DJ Chus, Stan Kolev, Redanka, Lee Kalt, Oliver Moldan and DJ Paul. Boris made a guest appearances in New York City hotspots such as M2, Webster Hall, Skyroom, Bounce Boat 2011 Miami Spots like Nikki Beach and Kitchen 305. Albuquerque hot spots such as Casa Esencia and Q bar and headlined at Bahrein and PACHA in Buenos Aires, Argentina Manrey Rooftop, Panama and at the Water Festival 2012 in Bolivia.

Boris brings his A game to every performance and continues to stun crowds all over. With a unique style that can only be dubbed Boris Gluck, he blends slamming drums with beautifully rare cuts, intertwined by flawless mixing talent. Boris’s unique ability to stay true to his own style and track selections have put him leagues above the rest. Spinning alongside DCs own Trance legend Pete Moutso, Boris has used his influences from Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, and Sasha to show that the right music makes for truly unforgettable nights. Eager to bring his sound to the world, Boris continues to fine-tune his brilliant sets, taking House to the next level, and seeking the next great venue to showcase the finest in music and mixing.

Latest Boris Gluck’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud