Electric Daisy Carnival – Comes to New York ? – Woodstook 94 Location

Electric Daisy Carnival organizers have tapped Winston Farm, the location of Woodstock ’94, as a potential location for a new Electric Daisy Carnival event. On Wednesday, Insomniac representatives presented to the Saugerties town board seeking permission to hold the event on Memorial Day Weekend 2014. Anticipated to be a 3-day camping festival, Insomniac plans to limit attendance to 75,000 people (as opposed to the 350,000 that Winston Farm held during Woodstock ’94) and would include four to seven stages, carnival rides and large-scale art installations. Insominac COO, Simon Lamb, is hopeful that this relationship will continue for years to come, securing a near-permanent home for Electric Daisy Carnival in upstate New York.

“The location’s beautiful,” Simon Lamb said of Winston Farm. “And we think that it could be a really wonderful relationship.”

Insomniac CEO, Pasquale Rotella, also addressed the issue of securing the vast swath of land, assuring town officials that Insomniac has dealt with gate crashers in the past and that full traffic and security plans would be developed to make the festival as convenient for the community as possible.

Via: The Daily Freeman and edm