Meet Gretsenia Martins From Caracas, Venezuela


Djane Venezolana – CREW Avenir Musique
Warrior of Light

Djane Gretsenia Martins
New Venezuelan talent, graduate school Contol Pitch.
She started her career as Djane at the tender age of 23. She is very passionate about the connection of music with the human spirit. Its Very clear that music for Gretsenia is  is more than just a Hobie. She displays 3 musical tattoos master arts on her harms.  Her persona shapes the vibe that send a very clear message “Music is my Life and I am willing to bled the dream”

Musical Influences:

HIP-HOP, REGGAE, HOUSE, TECH HOUSE, DANCE MUSIC, HARD TECHNO, ACID TECHNO, ROCK … Enjoy her new beginning with the delicious Tech House mix tape showcasing the sound of the underground of Caracas, Venezuela.