Caracas, Venezuela born DJ, Rainier is a multi-instrumentalist digital Jazz artist. His career started in 2004 in the nation’s capital, Washington DC, USA. Rainier made a name for himself through his relentless dedication and hard work, gaining major residencies in top venues such as: FUR (Dc Rumbas), LOVE, Ultrabar (Glow – Panorama) LIMA – (Teka), Current & Josephine (JetSet Mafia), Cafe Citron (VIP SUITE), EYE Bar, Fly, Liaison Pool Party (Adult Swim), among others. As a digital nomad, he travels the globe on a musical voyage exploring  life through culture. With bases in Panama, Venezuela & USA, he takes his musical talent wherever he travels while working collaboratively with important productions such as: Alta vibra (88.1FM), Twisted Minds, The Beat Fusion, Keep it Under, Groove Syndicate, DC and his very own production company GOOD House Musik.

As mystical music performer Rainier brings to life a fusion of improvisational underground Techno-House infused with live finger drumming, loop sequence programing, beat synchronizing, samples, live instruments, sounds, and live vocals. All of which, are seamlessly woven into a magical experience where his roots of south american afro rhythms are blended with a heavy swung bassline & synths formulating an ethereal expression of vanguard music.     

“Life is a song, love is the music”
Resident Advisor: https://bit.ly/2VoJGuT   Instagram: @goodhousemusik
Webiste: www.goodhousemusik.com     Sounds: soundcloud.com/djrainier

   Instagram: @goodhousemusik
Webiste: www.goodhousemusik.com     Sounds: soundcloud.com/djrainier