CHURCH presents JUBILEE [Slope Traxx | DC] & STEVE KIRN [Bday Set]

❦ CHURCH: a Sunday Service of House Music ❦

Thank you all once again for a great first installment with Animal Trainer at the Huxley. Friends and family all over came to share a special night with the boys from ZURICH alonside our partners in crime YACO & BREITEN breaking new boundries with some amazing sets. WE now bring it back to our locals showcase of amazing talent here in the city that has carried us through the years. Every month will feature talent from all around our communities teamed up with other locals, praising them for their mastery in the art of Djing. Our first guest this season features JUBILEE aka Mo.

❖ For all those looking for something intimately unique dating back to house music of old — you now can dedicate your spirit to the SOUND of an alternative rhythm that condemns the sins of conventional electronic music. Leave this life of boredom and basic behind, and follow us to discover salvation at CHURCH. We gather every other Sunday to cleanse your mind, body, and soul of the nefarious influences of everyday dance music. Come and experience redemption with friends and family at this intimate event featuring avant-garde, off the grid sounds on the cutting edge of deep house music.

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[ Slope Traxx | DC ]

☞ STEVE KIRN ( Bday Set )
[ Sunglass Sundays | DC ]

[ BaltoTroit | DC ]

❖ Congregate to wtiness an exclusive local’s event that showcases original talent in the underground HOUSE MUSIC movement. We promise to bring you a variety of different teachings from all aspects of underground music, joining together local crews to preach their sound. Not meant for the closed minded, but always open for those willing to find new purpose and experience a new kind of groove.

❖ From the people that bring you SUNGLASS SUNDAYS in the summer, our winter event CHURCH returns this year at a fabulous new indoor location: THE HUXLEY.

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