Episode 5 – DEEPAK SHARMA (Hidden Recordings/NYC)

On a very comfortable Sunday night at the legendary Suite of Cafe Citron In Washington DC. Deepak Sharma takes over the decks at 2 am for a two hour closing set. The dance floor was packed with Techno/minimal sound aficionados that fueled the energy of the night that led to the creation of this epic Live Mix Tape. Listen and enjoy the experience connecting yourself with the music.


Close your eyes and imagine you were at your best friends house, listening to some amazing music and you’re surrounded by all your close friends. Open your eyes: welcome to our HOUSE. A house where the music reigns supreme and the dj is your friend. From the guys that brought you L.E.D and their friends, this is the 15th edition of SUITE SUNDAYS: a party without pretense, just good people having a great time. Set in the intimate atmosphere of SUITE, the third floor at Cafe Citron, we invite you to come as you are and let loose.

Crazy Industry Night with Drink Specials All Night


❖ DEEPAK SHARMA (Hidden Recordings/NYC)

❖ RNS (Toolroom Records/UK)


///////////////////////////ABOUT OUR GUEST///////////////////////

So often in life, the best things are not immediately obvious. Surrounded by mediocrity, their appeal is irresistible upon closer examination. New York City’s Hidden Recordings has exemplified this enduring truth since its founding in 2006. The brainchild of Deepak Sharma and his production partner, Dieter Krause, Hidden Recordings began as a platform for the enterprising duo’s releases and in 2008 expanded into releasing the work of a gifted, international cohort. Because the imprint’s focus has always been on releasing top notch techno, its patient, quality-based approach has earned Hidden Recordings the support of renowned and diverse talents such as Adam Beyer, Marcel Dettmann, Seth Troxler, and legions more.

While techno is undoubtedly the thread that binds together Hidden Recordings’ discography, the fabrics and patterns it connects are numerous. Their releases come alive in big room clubs, yet are just as effective on the terrace at 6 AM – sending dancers off into the world grinning at what they’ve just heard. That diversity also means you can hear Hidden Recordings’ tracks at nearly any point in a long night out. In kind, its catalog unites a broad assortment of DJs: Adam Beyer is known for dropping the unrelenting, cavernous boom of Alejandro Trebor’s “Quemadura del Sol” at Berghain and Fabric, while Seth Troxler licensed DJ Qu’s deeply hypnotic remix of Sharma & Krause’s “Wolkenreise” for his The Lab 03 mix CD on UK house label NRK.

In 2012, Hidden Recordings pursues a demanding release schedule that draws in new talents, such as Plankton, M.A.D.A., Alejandro Trebor, Mike Wall, Bodyscrub, Dolby D, Tom Eirh, and Spark Taberner. Throughout the year, these latest signings’ tracks will embody the darker, expansive techno sound the label is pursuing. Their originals are paired with remixes by a host of respected producers, including Jerome Sydenham, Mark Broom, Xhin, Alex Bau, Roberto Bosco and Kyle Geiger. When a Hidden Recordings release catches DJs’ attention, they want to share it with audiences and their peers. Word-of-mouth endorsements have lent the label an organic momentum that shows no signs of slowing down or drying up. And with bright newcomers and established leading lights maintaining a prolific pace, Hidden Recordings won’t stay hidden much longer.

/////////////////////////BOTTOM LINE///////////////////////////